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02-20-2009, 11:32 AM
Hello guys,

I bought HM at the beginning of the year and it worked perfectly until the last few days and the purchase of my new laptop.

Indeed, postgres and software installation was fine but, to use the software, I was obliged to connect manually the database each time I started a new session.

If I didn't, the software was unable to import hand histories and the Hud did not recognized my tables.

It was not a big problem, it just added a manipulation before my sessions but today, I tried to open HM and it showed that auto-import was active (actually it's not since I have not connected the database manually), I tried to stop the auto-import but I did not manage and I have this window :

http://img1.imagilive.com/0209/thumbs_bug_HM.jpg (http://img1.imagilive.com/affiche/0209/bug_HM.jpg.htm)

When I close the software, I have this window appearing :

http://img1.imagilive.com/0209/thumbs_hm_bug2.jpg (http://img1.imagilive.com/affiche/0209/hm_bug2.jpg.htm)

I tried to uninstall HM and reinstall it but I still have the problem !

On my former computer, I did not have any problem with the software.

Thanks for your help

02-20-2009, 01:45 PM
I found the solution on the forum

Sorry to have not checked other posts before crying