View Full Version : Tourney HUD stats changing places/disappearing when play gets shorthanded

04-22-2011, 06:07 PM
-This problem has occured to me at Everest and Microgaming and it happens every single time in every single tournament I play when a full ring tourney table gets 6 or less handed (final table bubble + final table). I think I had it at Entraction too but I haven't played there for a long time so not sure.
-This has happened in a 6max final table too when it got 4 or 3 handed but I only have a sample of a few tournaments, in full ring I have a sample of 100+ tourneys of this happening.

So, when a tourney table gets 6-handed or less, the hud stats all of a sudden move without me doing anything. Usually they all change places, (in this screenshot I had moved them manually to the right places to make reading them easier), some of them disappear entirely and some of them get duplicated.


I have the latest version and I've always had this problem, I've probably updated it to at least 6 different versions in the past.

And another thing, why do we always have to dig our microgaming tourney tables from the table manager and use the red box thingy? I think this has been addressed like a year ago and you said you're going to deal with it soon...

04-23-2011, 03:41 AM
1) Possibly this is because you have 2 HUD configs for this room: one for 9max and second for 6max, and stat positions are different. Check, please.
2) You allways have to use Table finder in Microgaming tournaments - because of room's software. This is the only way to get HUD on such tables.