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01-31-2023, 09:43 AM (Stable Release - Jan 31, 2023) is now available!

The latest stable build can be downloaded using auto-update in HM3 or through the website (https://www.holdemmanager.com/hm3/download.php?download=true).

Full release notes available here (https://kb.holdemmanager.com/knowledge-base/article/hm3-release-notes).

Release notes:


Added a progress bar when installing VC++ dependencies and prevented automatic reboot of the computer during the installation
Added a warning if HM3 fails to launch due to a corrupt statistics file and re-install is required
Display imported player notes without having to restart HM3
Improve handling of empty player notes when importing them to reduce the unnecessary time stamps
Resolved an issue where stats in the free version didn't correctly update for new sessions when above the maximum hands limit
Updated required VC++ 2015-2022 version to 14.34.31931 or higher
Updated SQLite packages


Added new HUD profile Simple GTO (Beta)
Improved HUD loading times in the replayer


Updated translations


Change errors to app errors when an app sends an invalid query_hmql request
Use sequential message IDs for each application


Allow Single Opponent Analysis to be refreshed when new hands are imported

Poker Sites

Added support for CoinPoker


Resolved an issue where the replayer occasionally resized slightly when replaying hands


Added color coding winnings in CAD currency
Improved Net Won vs Player winnings calculations in split pots
Resolved an issue when deleting exactly 100 hands
Updated names for Net Won vs Player and Net Won vs Player (bb) stats

Site Settings

Prevent adding conflicting auto-import folders and subfolders


Improved detection for situations where a Reraise (3Bet) is not possible in Limp-Reraise opportunities due to stack sizes (Only applies to newly imported hand histories)

02-01-2023, 04:42 AM
Added support for CoinPoker
Does this mean that it will be possible to use a hud on coinpoker?

02-01-2023, 04:43 AM
"Added support for CoinPoker"
Does this mean that it will be possible to use a hud at coinpoker?

03-15-2023, 09:34 AM
"Added support for CoinPoker"
Does this mean that it will be possible to use a hud at coinpoker?

I apologize for the delay in reply. Your posts were in the moderation queue but they didn't appear under new posts for some reason.

Unfortunately, HM3 does not support the CoinPoker Network sites natively so you will have to use a 3rd party hand grabber/converter to use the HM3 HUD at that network - https://www.advancedpokertools.com/products/CoinPokerConverter/

Note: Holdem Manager is not responsible for the functionality and support of tools provided by a 3rd party. If you have any issues at that site using their software please contact their support directly - https://www.advancedpokertools.com/contacts