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12-02-2022, 08:04 AM (Beta Release - Dec 14, 2022) is now available!

Latest beta build can be downloaded using beta auto update in HM3 (Settings > Prompt for beta update, then Help > Check for updates) or through this download link (https://www.holdemmanager.com/download/index.php?product=HM3&channel=Beta).

Full release notes available here (https://kb.holdemmanager.com/knowledge-base/article/hm3-release-notes).


Resolved an error when applying some filters that started in the previous beta


Display an error report window above all the other windows
Resolved an issue where an error could occur on a shutdown for some users on the previous beta
Improved multiple-line notes importing from*HM2 notes files
Resolved an issue related to the import of notes for players with no hands

Poker Sites

Spartan - Updated poker site icon (Beta Release - Dec 03, 2022)

Poker Sites

888Poker - Added Snap HUD support for new client
GGPoker - Added support for Bet & Muck feature
GGPoker - Added detection for Mistery Bounty tournaments
GGPoker - Corrected import error message for All-In or Fold games where Flop cards are missing
partypoker - Improved support for cashout offered feature
partypoker - Resolved import error with uncalled bets and posted big blind listed out of order
partypoker - Resolved import error with all-in pots
partypoker - Resolved import error with side pots where player wins unopposed
PokerStars - Improved detection for bounties after hand history update
PokerStars - Improved detection for progressive bounty tournaments
PokerStars - Resolved import error with dead small blind and all-in
Winamax - Improved detection for Ultra Turbo SNGs
WPN - Resolved an issue with incorrect net won for a hand with uncalled bet
WPN - Resolved import error for reported Blitz hand (Beta Release - Dec 02, 2022)


Improved filter bar auto complete suggestions when using parentheses
Resolved an issue with Advanced Hand Value filters not showing correct All of / Any option when reopening filter editor


Allow network drive folders to be saved as recent locations for file and folder dialogues
Close replayer, hand viewer and other open windows before exiting HM3 client
Updated library used for file and folder dialogues


Do not automatically send errors report if app sends a request while HM3 is busy


Updated window title to include ante information and removed decimals for tournament chips


Resolved an issue where sorting of columns was not always remembered


Resolved an issue with All-In Adj bb stat formula
Update Std Dev stats to display averages instead of totals