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10-07-2022, 10:52 AM (Stable Release - Oct 07, 2022) is now available!

Latest stable build can be downloaded using auto-update in HM3 or through the website (https://www.holdemmanager.com/hm3/download.php?download=true).

Full release notes available here (https://kb.holdemmanager.com/knowledge-base/article/hm3-release-notes).

Release notes:


Allow multiple days to be selected with Day of Week filter
Display autocomplete option while typing in values such as 'true,false' or 'and,or'
Resolved an issue where clearing filters using X button would not clear DayOfWeek filter
Resolved an issue where clearing hole cards filter would incorrectly show Omaha Hole Cards bolded
Resolved an issue where parentheses could cause Filter editor to not recognize the filter
Resolved an issue with autocomplete in filter bar not working when using parentheses
Resolved an issue with Combine all street filters not applying correctly when reopening filter editor
Resolved an issue with FlopDonkBet filter returning some hands where donk bet was not possible
Updated default minimum value when filtering between two values to 0
When applying day of week filter, correctly bold Date page


Added Open Replayer and Open hand viewer as two options for double clicking in reports hands grid. Configurable through Tools > Settings > Reports and Views
Display a warning when database backup fails because of insufficient disk space
Display bonuses in graph even when set on the last day with hands
Resolved an internal error that could occur when switching databases after auto importing
Resolved an issue where category for sending feedback was not set correctly
Resolved an issue where HM3 would not launch for some users with internet connectivity issues
Resolved an issue where importing from a network path would prevent import dialog from working after restart
Resolved an issue where warning about using cloud based folder would display multiple times
Resolved an issue with Hand View Columns settings window not correctly updating when resetting them to default
Resolved an issue with HUD not updating after tournament table change when using free version
Resolved an issue with startup wizard where selected HUD was not automatically activated inside HM3
Resolved reported issue with sending feedback
Updated available categories and subcategories when sending feedback
Updated database package SQLite from to

Graphical HUD

Resolved an issue where HUD was attaching to a third party calculator


Updated hand notes text color for dark theme


Added new option to configure minimum opportunities required before displaying the stat and an optional Text to be displayed instead
Added new options to configure Times and Opportunities display: Only Times, Only Opportunities, Both or None
Added new option to hide opportunities when above a certain value


Added support for third party apps to register commands in hands menu
Improved error reporting for third party apps related errors
Improved handling of invalid note tabs


Improved Group profile graph sizing to take up more of the available space on Y-axis
Resolved an issue where first player could not be selected on opponents comparison page if second player was selected first

Poker Sites

888Poker - Updated Snap HUD support
Adda52 - Added support for poker site
GGPoker - Added support for cashout hands
GGPoker - Added support for hand histories with straddles
GGPoker - Improved detection for 'Bounty hunter Sunday Main Event' tournament
GGPoker - Improved detection for Spin&Gold tournaments
GGPoker - Resolved an issue with 'invalid stakes' error occuring incorrectly
GGPoker - Resolved an issue with Flip & Go incorrect import errors for 'Big Blind not posted'
GGPoker - Resolved an issue with incorrect 'big blind not posted' warning
Ignition - Improved detection of Hyper Turbo SNGs
Ipoker - Improved buy-in detection for progressive bounty re-entry tournaments
partypoker - Added import support for partially anonymous hands where time bank was used
partypoker - Resolved an issue with 'posts big blind'
partypoker - Resolved an issue with incorrect 'unexpected end of hand history' import errors
partypoker - Resolved an issue with incorrect 'unresolved anonymous players' error in cashout hands
partypoker - Resolved an issue with incorrect net won for players who lost and cashed out
partypoker - Resolved import issues related to recent partypoker changes
partypoker - Resolved some import errors related to overbet hands
PokerStars - Added PokerStars Switzerland, Greece and Canada Ontario support for preferred seat detection
PokerStars - Added support for cash and tournament games in CAD currency
PokerStars - Added support for PS Canada Ontario
PokerStars - Resolved HUD issues on Zoom tables with new PokerStars.FR client
Svenska Spel - Added as a separate site
Winamax - Additional changes for support of new client
WPN - Improved calculations for cashouts in over bet hands
WPN - Improved rebuy tournament detection
WPN - Resolved an issue with autoimport of summary files that would get incorrectly archived into "Standardized" archive folder instead of WPN
WPN - Resolved an issue with incorrect 'Uncalled bet is higher than total bet' errors


Resolved an issue with
players equities changing for Omaha hands when reopening replayer
Updated display of stakes in the title to match reports stakes display


Added report name and description tooltips on home screen and in left menu
Added tooltips to reports in favorites view
Changed currency symbol for CAD from $ to C$
Resolved an issue when hands grid did not update after saving a report multiple times
Resolved an issue where resetting to default would not re-add all default stats in some reports
Resolved an issue with removing reports where report could still be opened after being removed
Resolved an issue with saving reports with invalid names

Site Settings

Remove optional tab for poker sites that don't require it
Resolved an issue where newly added autoimport folders could not be opened with [...] button
Updated text labels that were overlapping in some languages
When disabling a poker site, automatically disable related settings
When navigating site settings wizard, Disable "Next" button on last page


Added Flop Donk Bet follow up and reaction stats
Added Fold to 3Bet, Call 3bet, Call 3bet Range, 4Bet and 4Bet Range vs each position of the three bettor.
Added follow up stats to Flop Bet vs Missed CBet and reactions
Added new Call/Raise/Fold vs RFI Stat for each position of the raiser
Added new Raise vs 2+ Raisers stats for each position of the second raiser
Added new Raise vs Limp stats for each position of the limper
Added new stats for Raised Flop and then Bet Turn and River line
Added new stats for Raised Turn and then Bet River line
Added new stats: Bet vs missed Cbet-Call/Fold/Raise when facing a raise
Added new stats: Cold Call vs EP/MP/CO/BTN/SB
Added River Bet vs Missed Cbet reaction stats
Added River Donk Bet reaction stats
Added Standard deviation stats for winnings and winrate: Std Dev All-in Adj bb and bb/100, Std Dev bb/BB, and Std Dev bb/100 / BB/100
Added stats for Delayed turn Cbet and River bet line
Added stats for River Bet after checking Flop and Turn line
Added stats for River bet after skipping turn CBet line
Added Turn Donk Bet follow up and reaction stats
Enabled color coding based on positive and negative value for Net Won SD Hand, All-in Adj Diff (bb) and All-in Adj Dif (bb/100) stats
Improved search terms for some stats
Removed limp-reraises situations from stats where it was not intentional (3Bet, Fold to 3Bet, Call 3Bet, 3Bet Range, 4Bet, 4Bet range
Resolved an issue with detection of all-in situations for turn and river stats where raise opportunities could show even when facing all-in
Resolved an issue with TurnActionUnopened property not including hands where check-raise occurred
Updated Bet vs Missed Cbet stat names
Updated descriptions for stats where 'unopened' term was used inconsistently
Updated formula for 'Won Showdown When Donk Bet River'
Updated formulas for limp-raise and open limp-raise stats that did not correctly check for all-in opponents
Updated new stats and those related to them to allow filtering by IP/OOP in HUD editor
Updated Resteal stats to exclude situations where raise was not possible due to all-in