View Full Version : (Stable Release - Jun 7, 2022)

06-07-2022, 05:36 AM (Stable Release - Jun 7, 2022) is now available!

Latest stable build can be downloaded using auto-update in HM3 or through the website (https://www.holdemmanager.com/hm3/download.php?download=true).

Full release notes available here (https://kb.holdemmanager.com/knowledge-base/article/hm3-release-notes).

Release notes:


Improved filter detection when opening filter editor to more accurately recognize already applied filter
Resolved an issue in filter editor where min and max values where not correctly set when reopening filter editor for some filters


Add reporting for unexpected HM3 shutdowns on next restart
Added database vacuum option
Added free disk space check before database vacuuming
Correctly initiate HM3 shutdown if user shuts down Windows with HM3 still open
Display server error window on top of other windows
Improved and simplified startup wizard
Resolved an issue with sending feedback where temporary files would sometimes not be deleted because of antivirus software preventing it
Resolved an issue with sub categories in Send Feedback window not appearing
Updated Learn more links in startup wizard for all the available HUD options
Use Unicode for clipboard when copying hand histories


Improved detection for stakes filter to work more accurately on fast and non fast tables
Resolved an issue where HUD occasionally switched between lifetime and session stats for some users


Improved import handling during shutdown to avoid errors
Resolved an issue where hands with missing pre-flop actions would cause an error
When importing unsupported zip files, import error will be displayed

Live Play

Do not navigate to report selector when switching between cash and tournament modes


Opponents list - Improve Group profile chart labels layout for higher player counts
Opponents list - Theme improvements for the Group profile graph

Poker Sites

Ipoker - Improved add-on tournament detection
Ipoker - Improved re-entry tournament detection
Ipoker - Improved re-buy tournament detection


Correctly update hands grid when navigating back and forward with applied filters
Resolved an issue with report selector graph sometimes not updating when changing game modes
Resolved an issue where old data was displayed in some graphs when changing databases until refresh
Remember cleared filter state correctly when refreshing a report after navigating back

Site Settings

Allow adding poker sites folders that include commas
Removed Manual site time adjustment setting for all sites except Ipoker
Resolved an issue when attempting to edit auto import folder that was already deleted


Renamed CBet% stats to CBet to match other similar stats
Updated stat description for Skip Turn CB - Bet River SRP IP to correctly mention In Position
Add color coding for report stats Net won SD and Net Won w/o SD