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03-11-2022, 08:59 AM (Stable Release - Mar 11, 2022) is now available!

Latest stable build can be downloaded using auto-update in HM3 or through the website (https://www.holdemmanager.com/hm3/download.php?download=true).

Full release notes available here (https://kb.holdemmanager.com/knowledge-base/article/hm3-release-notes).


Improved FacingAllInBet filter to include hands with multiple raises
Improved performance of graph loading, also improves reports and other queries performance
Improved loading of hands performance at startup or when switching databases and players
Resolved an issue with HandDateTime filters not applying correctly in the reports when not using Start of the day option
Resolved an issue where graph would not be filtered correctly when combining PokerSiteType with other filters
Added MaxHands filter. This filter replaces old LastHands filter and will limit the results to X hands. For example DidVPIP and MaxHands=1000 will show you 1000 hands where you VPIP.
Changed existing LastHands filter to only display hands from last X hands instead of always displaying X hands. For example, filtering for DidVPIP and Last Hands=1000 will now show you hands where you VPIP from last 1000 hands.
Filter Bar - Resolved an issue with saving filters in reports with pre-applied filters (e.g. Holdem Hole Cards report)
Resolved an issue where report filter would incorrectly get also applied to the graph report


Added a warning if initialization of the import system fails
Improved performance of Sessions report. This improves performance for all reports and HUD stats
Improved startup performance for slower hard drives
Improved stats and reports performance when date filter is not included
Resolved an issue with reports and HUD for players that included single quote in their names
Resolved an issue where HM3 would immediately close on startup for some users when updating from older builds
Allow decimals to be entered in rakeback settings
Changed Quit hotkey from Ctrl-X to Ctrl-Q
Improved startup process and messaging to user in case of an issue
Prevent error report prompt from appearing twice when shutting down HM3 in case error was found

Graphical HUD

888 Poker - Added support for updated client
PokerStars - Added support for tournaments that dont include Holdem/Omaha in the name


Resolved an issue where HUD session stats would not work correctly depending on user and poker site timezone and time
Resolved an issue with table session stats in replayer
Resolved an issue where settings were unintentionally being loaded from alternate config file
PokerStars - Added support for 7-max table layouts


Allow import of files without extension with added "All" option in Import Files... dialog

Live Play

Resolved an issue where Last 100 Hands option was not correctly displaying most recent hands when more than 100 hands were played in a session


Added a status bar message when disabling applications
Resolved an issue that could cause HM3 to temporarily stop responding while third party app was being disabled
Allow hmql_query to query gametype table
Allow query_htmlt to query aliases table
Improved query_players performance


Single Opponent Analysis - Updated label for bb/100 stat and resolved an issue where value was not displaying correctly

Poker Sites

Added WePokerPlus and SupremaPoker support
888Poker - Added support for updated hand histories with different mucked cards format
888Poker - Import error with multiple very short stacks
EliteHUD - Import PokerMaster hand histories with player names that include suffix under correct poker site (e.g. _pbr for PokerBros)
GGPoker - Improved GG Masters Bounty tournament detection
GGPoker - Resolved an issue with importing tournament summaries
GGPoker - Improved table size detection for 8-max tournaments
GGPoker - Resolved an issue with invalid stakes error
Horizon Poker - Renamed from Revolution Poker
Ipoker - Added Veikkaus Poker (EET/EEST) timezone support
Ipoker - Resolved an issue with blind size detection for hands where big blind was all-in
Ipoker - Resolved an issue with incorrect blind sizes being reported for blinds above 1000 in some cases
Ipoker - Added support for table size detection from hand histories
Ipoker - Improved blind size detection when thousands separator is used
Ipoker - Resolved hand viewer issue with all-in call hands
Partypoker - Improved detection for 7-max MTTs
Partypoker - Resolved an issue with blind size detection for hands where big blind was all-in
PartyPoker - Added tournament number detection when importing BetMGM spin tournaments
PartyPoker - Added Fee detection for Qualifier/Satellite tournaments (BetMGMPokerMI)
PartyPoker - Resolved an issue for hands with dead blinds and unreturned bets
PartyPoker - Resolved import issues with over bet hand histories
PokerStars - Improved prize and rebuy detection for progressive knockout bounty MTTs
PokerStars - Improved detection for 9-max STTs
PokerStars - Improved reliability of hand observing system
PokerStars - Resolved an issue with tournament detection for cases where involved players had Zoom as part of their names
PokerStars - Improved buy-in detection for progressive bounty tournaments
PokerStars - Added prize detection for undetected satellite tournament
Winamax - Added support for tournament table changes in the new client
Winamax - Improved equity calculations for hold-up hands
WPN - Added import support for purchasing all-in equity option


Resolved an issue with high DPI monitors that was causing HUD to be offset in replayer
Resolved an issue where hotkeys would stop working when switching between hands


Added stat descriptions on mouse over for Vs Player report
Sorting by stakes in hands grid will now sort by blind size
Copy with stats option for hand histories will now include stat labels
Resolved an issue where reports would show 1 hand sessions in some situations
Small tweaks to Hole Cards Grid layout to improve text visibility for different languages


Resolved an issue with VPIP Raised/Limped Pot 1 to 3 bb stack stat, where it was incorrectly filtered to only SB position