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02-12-2020, 03:22 PM
Official update to version is now available!

Latest stable build can be downloaded using auto-update in HM3 or through the website (https://www.holdemmanager.com/hm3/download.php?download=true).

Full release notes are available here (https://support.holdemmanager.com/support/faqView/Holdem-Manager-3/149/Release-Notes).

Release Notes for


Position filter will now work when combined with other filters regardless of its position in the filter string
Resolved an issue where date filter would not work correctly after opening a filter editor and reapplying the same filter
Resolved an issue where filter bar would keep switching between two filters when applying multiple quick filters
Resolved an issue where gametype filter got removed when combining it with quick filters and filter editor filters
Resolved an issue where hands grid under reports would not show filtered hands when using OR filter
When combining quick filters using OR, added filter will automatically use paranthesis when necessary


Both Stable and Beta updates will now appear when opted into Beta updates
Minor UI changes in dialog when no updates are found
Prevent login prompts from appearing when double clicking to purchase or upgrade HM3
Resolved an issue where My Licenses window sometimes didnt reload correctly
Resolved an issue where some databases couldn't load up after updating from older versions of HM3
Resolved reported issue with sending error reports
Site Settings - Improved handling of a longer list of sites


HM2 HUD Import - Add a space after prefixes when importing HM2 HUDs
HM2 HUD Import - Only add colon to prefixes if used in HM2 HUD too
HM2 HUD Import - Resolved an issue where background colors for some cells were wrong
HM2 HUD Import - Transfer & character correctly
HM2 HUD Import - Transfer empty cells when importing HM2 HUDs
HM2 HUD Import - Transfer text color for prefixes when importing HM2 HUDs
Resolved an issue where arrange in grid option caused last column to not display in some cases


Added more logging to help identify HM2 database import related issues
Allow manual import of temporary files exported during HM2 DB Import (.hm2hh)
Resolved an issue if first autoimported hand in the database is a tournament hand
Resolved an issue where Import would stop working when encountering import errors in some cases and an error window would appear

Live Play

Key stats showed stats from a previously opened report if report stats were changed

Poker Sites

888Poker - Added support for new table design option
Added support for the following sites using hand converters from the Elite HUD: PPPoker, RedDragon, PokerKingAsia, WePoker, UPoker, PokerTime, PokerCommunity, FishPoker, Bingo, RealPoker, Allin, IDN, PokerBros
Ipoker.it - Resolved an issue with HUD not attaching correctly
Peoples Poker - HUD was not correctly attaching on tables that have no break spaces in their names
Pokermaster - Renamed Asian Poker Clubs site to Pokermaster
Run It Once - Resolved an issue in replayer where incorrect hand appeared in hand selector for some hands
Winamax - Allow autoimport to work when multiple folders are added
WPN - Added HUD support for Blitz tables
WPN - Resolved an issue with table matching on Windows in Hebrew


Resolved an issue where tagging of hands did not work correctly after deleting some tagging categories


Additional improvements to prevent duplicate hands from appearing in the reports
Prevent removing of last stat in reports to avoid an error
Resolved an issue where Hole Cards grid in reports didn't show results if Net won in bb was not added to the hands grid
Resolved an issue where reports didnt update list of hands correctly after a purge
Resolved an issue where table sessions were always broken into 30 minute sessions
Resolved an issue with progressive bounties not appearing after restart for Small Stakes users


Added a new "Random 100" stat that will display a random value between 1-100
Added hourly stats: Net Won, All-In Adj, bb and hands per hour. See FAQ for more details on how these stats work.
Renamed stats that included When Saw Flop/Turn/River stats to WSF/WST/WSR
Resolved an issue with Average,Preflop,Flop and Turn All-In EQ stats where values appeared incorrectly
Updated descriptions for Flop CBet-Fold OOP stats that said In Position in the description
Winrate stats did not include winnings from hands that were folded to the big blind