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7bb HUD
08-13-2014, 07:04 AM

Situational Popups

Less clicking, more analyzing


Your current popups are disorganized & overloaded: you often have to click 2-4 times to find every stat you need and sometimes get lost in dozens of irrelevant stats.

Our 27 custom popups are broken down into narrow Frequent Situations (BB vs SB, Fold vs Cbet OOP etc.). When you single click on any popup you get laser-like focus on ongoing game spot and therefore get more time to weight your options.

I guarantee you will say WOW the first time you click on this popups: absolutely unique design with very instinctive stat arrangement. As an example - they have separate popup for postflop in 3bet pots and for me it was a complete game changer cause now I don’t have to open one popup to look what his flop cbet is and another one to understand what lines to expect if I float or bluff raise - everything i need is just a click away!!! Highly recommended, definitely worth the price!

David K.
full-time midstakes grinder

Color Coding inside popups

Visualise important frequencies just like in main HUD


Colored Stat Ranges

We bet right now all your popup stats are of the same color, usually black or white.

7bb HUD is a game-changer: most important popup stats are color coded in much the same way as the main HUD.

Timesaving Color Borders

7bb popups unite related stats in neat groups surrounded by action-based Color Borders.

For example, when you open a [7bb-3B&CB]-popup to understand how often you opponent will check-raise, your eyes routinely jump to the orange frame (“raise” color) and find the answer.

Eye-safe Color Scheme

- custom-built by a professional designer
- prevent eye strain caused by massive grinding
- calm palette with great contrast
- impressive increase of session length

This HUD looks so good I didn't even know this was possible with HM2. Plus the support is great, real fast and friendly.

Alexander, 6-max Reg

Efficient HUD panel

Make key decisions 2x faster and multitable more easily

Immediately understand who is who


Instead of conventional “low-normal-high” color coding, 7bb HUD assignes colors based on opponents tendency to play either tight/loose or passive/aggressive. So you can always get a snapshot of opps frequencies by briefly looking at his main HUD.

Instantly access most crucial and frequently used stats

Make common decisions 2x faster without unnecessary popup clicking & get ready to play up to 20% more tables!

Analyse stats in context using Stat Combos


A single stat rarely means a lot. To make a good handread you must quickly analyze a number of related stats. 7bb HUD groups them together forming easy-to-analyze Stat Combos.

On the screenshot above you get 3Bet by a Reg with:
1. A standart Fold BBvSteal and…
2. An average 3BvSteal but…
3. Extremely high Foldv4B…
4. Over a decent sample size.

Your turn? Insta 4bet-bluff him with Ace blocker and ship the pot!

Notice the decision-making process you just made without any popup clicking! 7bb HUD exclusive!

Detect highlighted Regs leaks


7bb HUD of an average reg is mostly blue (playing within optimal ranges). But no one is perfect. With 7bb color coding system every weakness will stand out immediately, like on X-ray!

Save hundreds of hours of setting up a perfect HUD!

We offer the final result of 4 years of constant development. You can get it in a matter of minutes. Easy money? Just download and get back to grinding, new and improved!

Trying to recreate everything that this guys offer is a suicide. As someone who had spent days and weeks configuring and reconfiguring hem hud I know what I am talking about - you will save a lot of time.


24/7 Support
For more information and link to the site, visit our forum User Profile (http://forums.holdemmanager.com/members/7bb-hud.html), email support@7bigblinds.com or just post in this thread - we will be happy to answer your questions.


7bb Team