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02-03-2014, 08:29 AM

I have an issue with the table finder. I used the red cross to find my tables, which works. But when I click ok, the tables don't appear in the list, and no hud is anywhere to be seen at the table.

I made a screenshot to clarify the situation. 4 ongame tables were found, but none of them actually showed up in my list after doing the red dot dragging.



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02-03-2014, 06:04 PM
Please update to this version:


Your computer clock should match your current timestamp in the hands section in active sessions and reports.

if not, open Options - Settings - Adjust Site Import Times and make the adjustment.

The formula is Computer clock - Sessions time.

So if your computer clock is January 1 12:00 and your sessions show January 1 5:00, you would add 7 hours.

If your computer clock is behind the Sessions time, you would subtract.

Please send a screenshot of your sessions with computer clock while playing if there is another issue.

Please take and attach a screen shot - How to Take a Screen Shot in Windows (http://graphicssoft.about.com/cs/general/ht/winscreenshot.htm)

For 8/7/Vista, there is a built-in Snipping Tool in Start - Accessories.