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12-16-2013, 11:51 AM
Salut j'ai quelque statistique que je recherche sur holdem manger.
Un contact skype ?

Sinon voici les nouvelles statistique quo me pause problemes.
Au Flop ->

Call Check Raise
Raise Donk
Bet (limp pot)
Call Float
Call 2bet
Call 3 Bet
Fold to Bet
Fold to donk
Fold to 3bet
Fold to Check Raise
Fold to Raise After Cbet

Dans les Pot 3Bet ->
Fold to Donk
Fold to raise After Cbet

12-16-2013, 06:06 PM
These stats are only available in HM2.

12-17-2013, 05:27 AM
These stats are only available in HM2.
i have holdem manager 2 but i dont know.

12-17-2013, 06:53 PM
Fold to Bet --> in HM2 this stat is called Flop Fold (in the Flop vs Bet sub-category)
Fold to donk --> Flop Fold to Donkbet (in the Donkbet sub-category)
Fold to 3bet --> TOT Fold to 3bet (in the vs3bet sub-category)

Go to hud settings--> hud designer--> turn on search stats--> or go over the sub-categories of stats.