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10-06-2013, 07:35 PM
Hello, when looking at the result by position tab I've noticed that my bars go waaaaay down in to the red (All my other bars go the other way or are only slightly in the red in the case of my button stats). I'm fairly sure I dont suck this hard in the blinds so I'm assuming those losses include blinds paid, is this the case?

If it is the case would it be possible to request that the amount paid in folded blinds be somehow denoted seperately from actually losses of played hands in those positions. Perhaps by either a slightly different shade of red representing the times you paid a blind but put no more money in to the pot before folding or denoted in the tooltip when u hover over the bar (i.e -$13 folded blinds, -$8 played blinds).

I did also contemplate the same bars for those whom have a winning record in the blinds, perhaps you could denote blinds won via a walk from actual winnings in the blinds? I dunno. But for those whom have blind bars in the red, i think being able to see how much you voluntarily lost versus how much u had no choice in would be useful.


10-07-2013, 03:54 PM
This is your actual win/loss for that position. Import the hands into HM as well and verify that the winnings are correct. It will include the money you post as blinds.

You can't take out the money posted, because it skews your winnings. The money you lose in the blinds needs to be overcome in other positions, or defended in the blinds.

10-08-2013, 01:02 AM
i dont expect it to be taken out, I understand that its part of your win/loss. just asking if it can be denoted differently so that you can see how much is voluntary losses versus forced by paying the blinds. I know it is possible to do such things manually, I could go through my hand history and add up all the blinds i paid and folded without putting in extra cash so I was just wondering if it were possible to have it denoted automatically (which it surely must be, you simply set a filter that states all losses in blinds less than or equal to the blind amount be added up and then denoted as such).... if it can't be then thats cool.... but you dont get if you don't ask.

I don't have the slightest clue about coding, however I do have 2 a levels in maths and a degree in physics so here is how I would formulate what i'm asking for mathematically

(x is bb. l is loss and w is win. a1 and a2 are sub totals a3 is the sum total)

if l<=x subtract from a1, else subtract from a2.
if w<=x add to a1, else add to a2.


(edit: depending how HM calculates profit this would need tweaking, if for instance u get walked in a .05/.1 game and HM sees that as .15 won and not .1 (the actual pot as calculated by stars/ftp etc removes the extra .05 as you only ever stake equal to what the person in front of you folds))

then simply denote a1 and a2 as you hover over the bar.

that filter would work for both blinds and would instantly tell you of your winnings or losses how much was via a walk/folded blind and how much was from playing the hands themselves. Anywho, maybe i'm the only person who this is important to, but even for those in profit you might have a minus contribution to your sum total that you could clearly see if this were implemented. From a maths geek pov, this would have been one of the first things I would have thought of when designing a stat tracking system.... I just love me some extra breakdowns of stats

Thanks, and great work as always on HM and its various incarnations.

10-08-2013, 02:18 PM
It is possible to see without blinds in HM2. We have not added all stats and functionality to cloud.

The way it is factored in winnings is:

pot after rake minus your contribution.

so if you get a walk:

.5bb + 1bb = 1.5bb = pot after rake
1bb = your contribution
1.5bb - 1bb = .5bb = your profit.

An easy way to look at profit without the blinds is, your sb and bb winrate compared to -.5bb/100 in the sb and -1bb/100 in the bb.

If your winrate is greater, then you are winning back money in the blinds. If it is less, you are losing more money in the blinds than if you had just folded.