View Full Version : i want to change the ranges of villains

09-01-2013, 07:04 PM

i want to change to calling range of villains and the pushing range of villains and i want these changes to remain to other (same type) sitngo also or in that specific hand

what i mean is: because i believe that the calling ranges and pushing ranges of the opponents that sitngo wizard suggests are not the the same that the opponent regulars do, i would like to change them for ever.

i will give you an example. on the printscreen that i post 123361

i believe that the range 1 should be 14%
the range 2 should be 4.7%
the range 3 should be 12.5%
the range 4 should be 100%
the range 5 should be 20.8%

so instead of doing these changes in every hand can i do these changes one time and "save" them, so that i won't have to do them every time?

thank you

SitNGo Wizard
09-01-2013, 09:12 PM
To make sure I understand, you want to save the opponent hand ranges for a hand so that the next time you view the hand it will remember your opponent ranges? The saved opponent ranges will not affect any other hand, correct?