View Full Version : Hands didn't recognize on FullTilt Poker

08-20-2013, 09:05 PM
Dear everyone,

I just install FT and my HH wasn't recognize!
Obviously i saved on the right files but i import from folder, nothing has done!
Even if i try to import hand by hand,

Help please?

08-21-2013, 05:42 PM
Please follow these steps completely:


We will need the answers to the questions in the thread as well as the log.

Please download the same version of postgresql that you have now from Download PostgreSQL | EnterpriseDB (http://www.enterprisedb.com/products-services-training/pgdownload#windows). Uninstall yours, and install this update.

This could also be your windows user.

- If your windows user name has any unique 'cyrillic characters' you may need to create a new windows user with a single EN-US name without any special characters.
- Uninstall HM2 (and HM1 if it is installed)
- Create a new windows user in the Control Panel > User Accounts. Make sure it is an Administrator account and has no unique characters in the name (only characters from EN Alphabet)
- Reboot the PC
- Log in to the new windows user account

- Now Delete C:\ProgramData\XHEO INC\SharedLicenses\ Holdem Manager 2.lic (XP Users can find the file at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\AppData\XHEO INC\SharedLicenses\ Holdem Manager 2.lic)*
- Reinstall HM2 - http://www.holdemmanager.com/downloads/Holdem_Manager_2_Setup.exe
- and try to register again.
- If that works, you can reboot, log in to your normal user, and test to make sure everything works before you delete the temporary user.

*You will need to show system and hidden files. See this tutorial for showing system and hidden files:


Please see this to transfer files to a different windows user:

How to transfer files from one user account to another user account on - Microsoft Community (http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-files/how-to-transfer-files-from-one-user-account-to/e262acd6-08f2-4a77-9cfb-1b670dd6706d)