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08-14-2013, 07:35 PM

Im enquiring as to whether you are proceeding with the plan to discontinue support for TN1 tomorrow? I just got my free trial with TN2 (to get max value obv) and I was quite looking forward to a sleeker, easier to use product. Instead Im presented with an almost identical product with a ton of bugs. SNG sensei doesnt seem to save my searches correctly and I ended up registering for two $500 9 mans and a $.90 180 man before spotting it. In addition, while testing 4 tables, TN2 wouldnt pop up tables as action was required, causing me to sit out a number of times.

I would hope you continue TN1 support until TN2 is as seamless as its predecessor. Reliability is of paramount importance to people using your product, when TN messes up and Im at 20 tables, I instantly start burning money. A quick glance through the support section tells me Im not the only one with problems. I have no desire to pay for a subscription for a buggy program, Id far quicker return to autoscripts.

That said, I love your product (good job!) when it works correctly and Im fine with paying a subscription. Above anything else though, Im paying for reliability. I play full time for a living, as Im sure many of your customers do, and the last thing I can have is my software not working properly.


08-15-2013, 08:06 AM
There has being no set date yet for the end of TN1 support Our focus is on rapid TN2 updates to address community feedback. Once the feedback reflects that we have substantially addressed the communities suggestiosn and concerns, we will consider establishing a new EOL date for TN1. Until that time, we will continue to support TN1 and are not considering the establishment of a new TN1 EOL date."

SNG sensei works for me you may have the filter setup incorrectly can you please send me a screenshot of your PS filters and i will have a look also tell me what filter you are trying to set up.

Secondly when you say that the tables do not popup what layout are you using? Are you manually clicking or using Hotkeys? Have you got the following disabled in the Poker client

- disable Options -> Advanced Multi-Table Options" -> Highlight Bet Amount" in PokerStars client
- disable "Options" -> "Advanced Multitable Options..." and disable "New tournaments take focus" in PokerStars client
- for FT: disable Table options -> Gameplay settings -> Display active table on action
- for PS: disable Advanced multitable - > "Popup table whenever user action is required"
- FT: Custom Bet Buttons need to be reset to their defaults
- If you use TN2 layouts (any except "None") you should NOT use\apply pokerclient layout feature
- for FT: table should be big enough to display all 3 tabs above bet box (min-pot-max)
- for PS: disable Autoclose tourney without notification (this is mostly not for TN, but for HM - to make sure summary is writen in file and autoimported)

If you are still having the problems i will have no problem arranging a tv session with you to see what might be causing the issues that you have.

08-15-2013, 10:22 AM
Im delighted to hear you will continue TN1 indefinitely for the moment, thats awesome :)

With the Sensei, all of the checkboxes in the filter are set correctly but it doesnt save anything in the search bar. I save "7 18" to filter for $7 18 mans. It comes up correctly when I "click to test" but if I run the sensei or restart TN2, it doesnt save the search bar and it just filters the checkboxes so I end up registering to the first in queue turbo holdem sng.

I use hotkeys while playing and my layout is 4 stacks, one in each corner. I had not followed all of the steps you suggested so I will retry after doing each of those things. If I continue to have problems, Ill post in the proper section, I merely wanted to be sure I can continue using TN1 safely

Thank you

08-15-2013, 02:25 PM
Please follow the steps above and if it is a thing that that you are still having problems then PM me i can do a quick tv session with you over the weekend to help resolve the issue, As i am still unclear of what exactly is happening.

08-21-2013, 01:31 PM
It would seem I dont have the ability to send PMs. Im still having the same problems having followed he seps you have oulined and I was hoping I could arrange that TV session if its still possible. I could well just have a different setting done incorrectly but iv rechecked everything several times, I cant seem to find it

08-21-2013, 02:31 PM
Please let us know when you are available in GMT time. Please remember that we schedule a couple days in advance and need to fit into our schedules. So give us a few days' range of times and notice.

The World Clock - Search Results (http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/results.html?query=columbus%2C+oh) This link will help you convert your time.

Please read this important information before our teamviewer session. We cannot do the teamviewer session until all those issues are addressed below:
1 Make sure you have updated your windows using the Windows Update feature Microsoft Windows Update (http://www.update.microsoft.com/windowsupdate/v6/thanks.aspx?ln=en&&thankspage=5) Please keep checking for updates until windows shows twice five minutes apart that there are no more updates.
2 Please make sure you have access to a good connection, we cannot provide support on really slow connections
3 - Please allow us full access otherwise it slows down the speed at which we can fix the issue
Please download this version, it's the only one compatible with our version.


After the meeting is set up, then

Please email the ID and password 5-1 minutes before.