View Full Version : several question about tn2

06-21-2013, 01:00 AM
1.Could I set preset bets at different position? Example:I open 3bb at utg,and open 2.5bb at btn.
2. Does display bb function work on plo cash game?
3.I think display BB/spr is very usefull function,do you have plan about this?
4.The table is closed directly when I click the top right X,but I still want the yes/no option in case I wrong click,how should I set tn2?

06-21-2013, 03:32 AM
1 is not possible.
2 BB (and M) is shown for NL games only. At least, currently.
3 Please explain what do you mean by "BB/spr" (formula please)
4 This is documented in ticket HM-7026
If you want to be notified when it is fixed \ implemented please send an email to hm2support@holdemmanager.com and include "Notify Me When XXXX Is Resolved" in the subject line and body of the email.