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11-05-2008, 02:50 PM
I am examining "Avg Preflop All-In EV%" "Avg Flop All-In EV" and "Avg Turn All-In EV" for myself as well as my best opponents.

Am I correct in assuming that my personal EV% will be much higher than my opponents? I suspect the reason for this is the fact that in observed hands, often times players hands are not visible or shown, even though it went to showdown.

An example is when I look at an observed hand, and two players get it all in preflop, and the guy in position loses, it usually auto mucks his hand and we never know what he had. I assume this makes his EV% 0%. Correct? And when he wins the hand when he is out of position, he must show as well as the first guy, which makes his EV% like 80% (overpair vs underpair).

Am I correct in assuming this? Or am I just godly when I get it all in before the river.

11-05-2008, 05:33 PM
I assume this makes his EV% 0%.

If he doesn't show his hand I assume there is no EV at all, EV will only be calculated if at least 2 holecards are known

11-05-2008, 05:38 PM
It shouldnt show anything unless both hands are showdown, email me the HH if it does morny@holdemmanager.net

11-05-2008, 05:49 PM
Oops I did not make myself clear. Sorry :)

I do not mean the % next to his name or my name in the replayer. I am talking about the actual stat that you can add in the main HM table when looking at all of specific players hands.

So, overall my all in preflop EV% is something like 52%. Most of my other solid opponents have the same stat at about 35%. We all have good winrates at around 3 ptBB/100 over at least 100k hands.

Basically, I "assume" HM calculates a player who has unknown hole cards to have a 0% EV when he loses a hand and does not show. Is that correct?

11-05-2008, 06:25 PM
Whats the exact name of this stat and in what TAB is it Reports, Sessions,Graph,Players?

11-05-2008, 07:01 PM
exact stat is:

Cash Games>Reports>By Stakes> (Now select the "+" option to add a stat in the list)

Then under EV Stats I selected "All-in Preflop Equity%"

11-05-2008, 07:33 PM
Ok if you have any hands where someone got all in and the hands werent showndown take not of the date and time lets say its 08/08/08 11:32 then do a search between 08/08/08 11:32 and 08/08/08 11:32 and it will show just that hand and you can see if they assign 0% equity or not, i only play ipoker so they always show mucked cards so i cant check on mine.

If its shown as 0% i would be surprised so let me know