View Full Version : Live Tracking: "Betting" in HUD, Windows XP vs Windows 7

11-16-2010, 11:54 AM
Site: PokerStars
my OS: Windows XP

I've been doing some testing and apparently Windows XP requires that the table is visible, in order to get the Live Tracking ( and "Betting" in HUD ) to work correctly.

When I play, all the tables are stacked.
Let's say that I'm sitting on the Button. When it's my turn to act, the table becomes visible on my screen.
In this case, the preflop Betting actions of my opponents are not being displayed correctly.
Also, on later streets, if I want to make some space and I move the table back to the stack, it won't be able to track the actions of my opponents while the table is somewhere hidden in the stack.

Ok, so this is kind of the problem when using Windows XP.

The reason I'm posting this topic is for only the following question:
Is this issue "solved" when using Windows 7 ?
Because I have heard that on Windows 7, alternative screen scraping techniques can be used which no longer requires the windows / tables to be visible, and thus, the Live Tracking could be working flawlessly on that OS.

11-17-2010, 12:48 PM
I played some test hands under windows 7 with overlapping tables and used the DWM method. It was just a short session but for me its working.
Maybe some users have more experience and can post here?