View Full Version : Omaha HI/lo equities

10-13-2010, 10:28 PM
Can someone give the quick formula how HEM calculates ev and equity for hi/lo and I can trust that it's accurate? Instead of giving hi, lo, and scoop percentages, it just gives one equity percentage.

I'm guessing it calculates it by Scoop percentage + Hi percentage-scoop + Lo percentage/2-scoop, but I don't have that formula right, can someone fix it for me. Thanks.

10-14-2010, 07:46 PM
The shown equities in the replayer are wrong.
HM will only displays the chance to WIN.... but will ignore to take into account the chance of a splitpot. (for example for Holdem, it displays WIN + chance of split)

(so I'm guessing you're right and for Omaha H/L it displays the percentage as something like:
Hi percentage-scoop (+ chance of a splitpot of the Hi!) + Lo percentage (+ chance of a splitpot of the Lo)

However, it only makes this mistake in the visualization in the replayer, in reality it actually uses a normal ICM model, so the EV shows in graphs/sessions etc is accurate.