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10-30-2008, 09:14 AM

I use two instances of HM, one on a XP Machine and one one a Vista Maschine. The XP one is fine, I'll only mention this in regard of the first of my Questions:

Until Today, HM (wich is installed as shipped default, no changes to Directorys etc. by the way) worked great under Vista, running as normal user (and NOT as admin). It worked fine on iPoker, Pacific and crypto (while at crypto I had to disable the "run as admin" feaure from the Pokerclient)
So I know thet HM and the poker Client must allways run under the same user.

Now I wanted to try ongame. Since the ongame Client ALLWAYS is launched as Administrator (no chance to turn this off), I have to execute HM as Administrator as well, and here my questions arrise:

a) When I run HM as admin, it asks me to register again. I'Ve done this using my serial, an it worked, but i'd like to make sure that this is compliant with yout T&C, because now I've activated HM three times:
- on my XP Machine
- on my Vista machine as user
- on my Vista MAchine as Administrator

b) If I run HM as Admin, all my settings are gone (wich means HUD Config, import folders etc.)
It seems that HM, if run as Administrator, is looking for it's config files on a different Location compared to when run as normal user.
Is there a chance to rum HM as Admin and let it use the Settings it uses when run as normal user?

10-30-2008, 12:39 PM
Ive not heard of this before and i cant understand why it would ask for your reg when your just trying to run as an admin and also why it dosent use the same config files is weird as it shouldnt install 2 defferent config files. Can we arrange a teamviewer session to look at this, if that suits email morny@holdemmanager.net and let me know a suitable time