View Full Version : Bug rundown on Windows XP for last few versions, getting ridiculous

10-10-2010, 05:08 PM
This started out as a reply to a thread about the Rush HUD scrambling player positions in 1.11.04, and spiraled out of control as I tried downgrading to previous versions. So, posting in the general bug forum. Here you go:

1.11.04: HUD stats get scrambled when multitabling Rush FR NLHE
1.11.03: HUD stats get scrambled when multitabling Rush FR NLHE, HUD lags one hand behind on some tables when multitabling Rush FR NLHE
1.11.02b: HUD pops up an error message and must be closed every time a table is opened; cannot test for further bugs
1.11.02: HEM causes entire system to hang when I start import. Does not respond to kill process command from Process Explorer (first program that's ever done that for me). Windows does not respond to keyed or mouse commands to turn off or restart, only hard reboot. Tried again, same result. This time Active Desktop crashed when I restarted, caused entire system to hang again. Finally got back to normal Windows operation on third hard reboot.

I had been using 1.10.06a until today, which had two bugs: 1) the HUD lags one hand behind on some tables when multitabling any Rush game; 2) when multitabling any Rush game, on certain tables, even if the HUD is displaying the right players it does not respond to mouseclicks (to make a note on a player, for instance).

I've downgraded all the way back to 1.10.06a now and am just dealing with it. At least I can still access my databases and get some imperfect Rush HUD performance.

10-10-2010, 11:38 PM

Downgrading will naturally bring up more issues, the sites regularly release updates which force us to release betas to solve the issues and so when you downgrade as many versions as you do the bugs will mount up, if you want to try the beta it may well have been solved, you should definitely notice rush improvements. If you dont wish to try the beta you will need to wait for us to release a stable version after were finished beta testing this and have it ready for the public.

If after upgrading your still having issues please report to us and well try and well get on it

the latest beta version: http://www.holdemmanager.com/downloads/Holdem_Manager_Beta.exe

regarding the scrambled stats issue you had in the last stable version 1.11.04 that should be fixed by ticking redraw after screen grab in the beta in Hud Options > Site Options > Full Tilt Tab