View Full Version : HUD will not change configuration

10-28-2008, 01:04 AM
When using the replayer, HUD will not change the stats display when a different config is selected in player preferences.

I am trying different displays with various stats. I used the new config button and made the changes in the display these stats panel, selected apply and ok: it saved the new config with a different name. HUD displayed the new config in the replayer, no problem.

Now, when I go back to player preferences to select the default config and click apply the HUD displays will not change the HUD display in the replayer even though the correct default stats for the first config are shown in the display these stats panel. It will not switch back and forth between the default config and the new one when selected.

I closed the HUD and also closed and rebooted HM but only the 2nd config will display on the replayer. I deleted the new config and the HUD than reverted back to the default. Isn't the HUD suppose to store multiple config setups and allow the user to select, i.e. one for nl and one for limit?



Mike chops
10-28-2008, 10:22 AM
When you create a new config, the HUD uses the checkboxes on the top right of the player prefs menu to choose which config to use for different games. If you want the new config to work only for limit, check those boxes and leave the others blank.