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12-19-2012, 10:21 PM

Here is the HUD I have developped for MTTs

General Info : NAME - Nb Hands - Nb of BBlinds
Preflop trend : VPIP - PFR - Cold Call raiser - TOT LIMP - Limp Fold
3Bets : % 3Bet - % 3Bet Fold - Tot 4Bet Range
Steal : CO / Dealer / SB / BB fold to steal / BB fold to SB steal
Postflop Info : AF / % Flop CB / % Flop fold CBet / Bet vs missed CB / Flop CBet Fold
Focus on checks : check fold / check call / check raise
Showdowns : % Showdown (when see flop) / % SH Won / % SH won when last aggressor (i m waiting for this last stat development)

I have colours for values : green & yellow when it s weak (green for profitable weak / yellow for weak but not easy to make profit on) / orange quite ok and red for strong or normal result --> this according with my way of playing.

What do you think about it?

It is quite lot of informations, perhaps the line with check details is not the most important because check raise is not played so often --> the goal is more to identify easily calling stations and if opponents play passively draws or in general way.

I think about replacing "Flop Cbet fold" by "Turn Bet if Cbet flop check on turn" if I find it on the list, because it is a more common situation.

Thx for feedbacks!

Not Excessive
12-20-2012, 12:16 AM
Developing a HUD for MTTs is insanely frustrating, not because there's a lack of stats, but because there's a lack of data for those stats. Even if you "purchased" (datamined) a couple of million MTT hands, the chances of any of that data being relevant for a particular villain post flop is very remote. Additionally, MTT play varies during the life of the MTT; I'm sure you've seen everyone tighten up as the bubble approaches and how everyone seems to go insane during the early stages of a rebuy. And as Hero, you don't know when villain's data was accumulated.

There is a chance that the relevance of post flop data increases if you focus on a set range of tournies, say SnGs. If you play a lot of (say) 5 table SnGs against regulars, your data will become more solid for post flop stats, but I still wouldn't bet the farm.

I think a better option for an MTT HUD is something like VPIP/PFR/AF/Hands/M and all the notes you or NoteCaddy can take.

My 2c.

12-20-2012, 12:43 AM
TY for your feedback. Yes for sure I understand perfectly what you mean.

But the goal of these stats on my HUD is :
- to help me to determinate if I should trust a player or not - based on figures, my observations and showdowns
- to find failures in opponents game because we all have a way of playing, betting patterns, steal habbits...

It is just an help when you have big decisions to take, and help to classify players as honnest or opportunist / tight or large / easy to bluff or to make them lay down or not / defend of his blinds...

you know some players are systematics, in each same situation they will duplicate their playing in the same way. The HUD put it in evidence, that s why I have chosen these characteristics but I will not take a decision only based on stats, there is also my feeling and observation put in the context of the price of the tournament, the level in the MTT we are and my own notes..


12-20-2012, 01:00 AM
It is also an help postflop, when I m well on flop, to orientate my way of playing to try to take max value. If I see opponent fold 75% on flop CBet, but bet 60% when missed Cbet, perhaps I will choose to check and give him the lead etc...