View Full Version : Holdem Manager moves my stats (annoying)

07-24-2010, 11:28 PM
When I'm adjusting things in the HUD options tab, anytime I click 'okay' or 'accept' (or even 'cancel') my stats get moved from where I had dragged them to the default location.

This presents a problem where I can't ever lock my HUD, because the minute I click 'accept' the stats are moved and locked in that default spot.

Is this a know bug? I'm having the problem on Full Tilt right now, but I think it may have existed at PokerStars as well (although I'm not too certain about that).


07-25-2010, 01:02 AM

Launch HM
Start auto-import
open one table ONLY
play a couple of hands ~ giving HM time to rotate the HUDs
move HUDs to required positions
right-click the HM icon in the systray (in the task bar)
select 'save positions' from the drop-down menu

** If you use multiple panels...
As above, but move the top panels first & then individual sub-panels with ctrl+right-click ~ drag

** The 'lock the layout' feature is badly named. It doesn't prevent HUD elements jumping about. Its purpose is preventing you from being able to drag the HUD elements with your mouse ~ it's a waste of time & nearly everyone leaves it unchecked


07-25-2010, 04:55 PM
Rock on. Thanks for the detailed reply.