View Full Version : Filter: Last Hands

07-10-2010, 12:40 PM
So I am doing a date filter to see my last 20k hands at 2/4 NLHE, it shows up as 0.

Without changing anything, I then click on the same filter but select All Hands and it shows 50k+ hands.

Why is that?

07-10-2010, 03:32 PM
That filter only applies to the last 20k hands, so if you didnt play any 2/4 in the last 20k hands it wont show them, it doesnt filter your last 20k 2/4 hands, just your last 20k hands from all stakes

07-10-2010, 03:43 PM
not even if i have 2/4 as a filter for stakes on? can u guys implement it if not? seems a bit stupid to not have it

07-10-2010, 04:47 PM
Yeah i agree its something that should change, please suggest it here Suggestions Forums - Holdem Manager Forums (http://forums.holdemmanager.com/suggestions-forums/) and ill forward the suggestion to the developers