View Full Version : HUD layout not movable

07-08-2010, 03:43 PM

I am currently playing 6max turbo SNG on Stars, and I have set up a table layout for my HUD positioning. I set up my preferred seat (3) and saved my HUD in "use for" for PS 6max. Everything worked fine, but I've made a mistake and want to change the positions of mucked cards.

Now, the mucked cards cover the bet size of 2 of my opponents (Seat 1 and 6). I am able to un-fix the layout and move the cards and stats, but as soon as I want to apply the changes the cards/stats move back to their former place.


I've already tried around with "fix my stats pos" and "WYSIWYG" but no success.

What's my line?

edit: WinXP and 1.11.02b

edit: nvm, figured out I have to move the stats and apply the changes through Table Manager -> save positions. Odd, but works.