View Full Version : Creating new pop up panel for HUD stat

10-16-2008, 05:34 PM
Where can I find info about creating new pop up panel, which would pop up when I hover over certain stat in HUD?
I go to "HUD pop up configuration" menu, press "New blank pop up", give it name TEST1, add some stats and press Save.
Then I go to Player preferences, choose a stat from HUD, for example "Fold to donk bet on flop" and assign it new pop up TEST1 instead of default, then press Apply and OK, reopen HM, look at current tables, hover over "Fold to donk bet on flop" stat of some player and it still shows default pop up, and if I click it shows Main default pop up.
What I am doing wrong?

P.S. HM version 1.06.04 beta 12