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09-10-2012, 04:44 PM

Some (but not all) PokerStars MTT hands are importing into the HEM database with incorrect date/time stamps. This problem seems to mainly occur with large hands and when the blinds get large. The stats update on the HUD fine and all other information seems to import properly. The hands are off by several months in the cases of the date, but only a few hands are impacted by this issue.

Any help/advice or work around to this issue?


09-10-2012, 10:37 PM
Please update to the latest version - http://www.holdemmanager.com/Downloads/HmUpdate_Release_1.12.11_10Sep2012.exe

If you are not currently saving the Tournament Summary (TS) files you need to request and import any/all your tournament histories and import those to a new database in HM. Stars did not write the tourney summaries to your hard drive in the past, like FTP did. They recently added this feature, so please enable the option in the PokerStars client and add the folder to your Auto Import Folder Configuration.


Email support@pokerstars.com and ask for ALL your old Hand Histories and Tournament Histories/Summaries.

They will send you an email with links to zip files of your hand histories. Download all the zip files. Right-Click > Extract the contents of each zip file to a new folder. HM > Import From Folder for all of the unzipped hands.

The tournament summaries should be attached to the email as .htm files. Download the attachments. HM > Import File(s) for all of those files. It will probably ask you to search/select your Pokerstars screen name. If the files are sent as .html you will need to rename them (Right-Click > Rename) from .html to .htm extensions.


If you continue to have problems, please zip and email the problem hand histories and tourney summaries, with a link to this thread and your forum name, to support@holdemmanager.com