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06-25-2010, 11:37 AM
Cliffs Version:

1. Slice is a new Equity Calculator for Omaha, Omaha 8 and Hold'em that has a bunch of cool features.
2. Download from here (http://sliceeq.com/download/)
3. ???
4. Profit.

TLDR Version:

As some of you know I have been working on a downloadable version of the ev++ equity calculator and I have now got a version ready for public testing. This is currently Windows only however if there is enough demand, I will look at purchasing a Mac myself to port it for Apple fans.

Download from here Slice Poker Equity Calculator (http://sliceeq.com/) (main page).

This is a totally new equity calculator back end that I wrote to include a number of features that had been requested.

New features include:

Integration with HEM and PT3 :: You can connect to a HEM or PT3 database and automatically load marked hands (for HEM) or hands with notes on them (PT3).

Folded ranges :: By checking the box next too a players range they will be be excluded from having any pot equity but still have card removal effects taken into account for their range.
Board ranges :: You can now use ranges on the board. For example to get all paired flops you can specify ***{op} in the flop box
Weighted ranges :: A player can now have up to 4 weighted sub-ranges. Subranges are specified by syntax like:

AA,AK=30 QQ=70
Which would mean 30% of the time the player had AA or AK and the other 70% of the time they player has QQ.

Sidepots :: By clicking on the sidepot button you can set up side pots and specify which players are eligible for the side pot. You'll get the equity for both the main pot and the side pots in the output.

Aliases :: You can create aliases for different ranges and save them to use them in future calculations. There are a number of the already defined and if you have any you think should be included as a default let me know. Examples of using an alias would be something like #rd which is equivalent to AKQJ,KQJT,QJ9T....5432

Hand strength :: The average hand strength at showdown for a players range is calculated.


The syntax is very similar to the online version of ev++ however there has been some changes. In particular the suit filters have been slightly changed. Check out Help Menu->Crib Notes for a list of the card categories and filters and the online documentation is available here: Slice Docs (http://sliceeq.com/documentation/)

There is a Holdem Stove Mode, that should emulate the behaviour of PokerStove for the most part.

For non-poker stove mode you can now specify ranges in the following way:

97+ would give you 97,T8,J9,QT,KJ,AQ
97- would give you 97,86,75,64,53,42
97-QT would give you 97,T8,J9,QT
55- would give you 55,44,33,22
JJ+ would give you JJ,QQ,KK,AA
5c7c-9cJc would give 5c7c, 6c8c, 7c9c, 8cTc, 9cJc

This also works for single cards:

K"Q-T" would give you KQ,KJ,KT (note this is the same as KT+ does in PokerStove)
K"Q+" would give you KQ,KK,AK

and for Omaha too:

"97+"** would give you 97**,T8**,J9**,QT**,KJ**,AQ**
"97-"** would give you 97**,86**,75**,64**,53**,42**
"97-QT"** would give you 97**,T8**,J9**,QT**
"QJT9+" would give you QJT9,KQJT,AKQJ
"QJT9-" would give you QJT9,JT98,T987...5432
"QJT9-T987" would give you QJT9,JT98,T987
"9764-" would give you 9764,8653,7542
QJT"9-7" would give you QJT9,QJT8,QJT7

and so on.


Full documentation is here: Slice Poker Equity Calculator Documentation (http://sliceeq.com/documentation/)).


Please keep in mind this is Beta software and there are sure to be bugs. If you experience any locking up or crashing or anything please pm me or email me at support@sliceeq.com.

Please keep me posted on how it works out for you and whatever comments, criticism and feature requests you have :)

Screen Shots



Connected to HEM:




Download from here Slice Poker Equity Calculator (http://sliceeq.com).

09-18-2010, 01:04 PM
I just released version 1.2 which can be downloaded here: Download The Latest Version of Slice (http://sliceeq.com/download/)

Details can be read here: Slice Poker Equity Calculator Blog - News and updates for Slice (http://sliceeq.posterous.com/)

Lots of new features including a greatly improved holdem range selector:

http://s3.amazonaws.com/files.posterous.com/sliceeq/TgrXjvsAPmgwDORfBwDqhqbcQgkeUJoi91sjb24q1s4wCyQUNJ F4ovuMlBt4/holdem_chooser.png?AWSAccessKeyId=1C9REJR1EMRZ83Q7 QRG2&Expires=1284829622&Signature=oJLBU72uWrCn03lBph%2FF%2Bl%2FA8Vo%3D

And drop down customizable ranges:

http://s3.amazonaws.com/files.posterous.com/sliceeq/jMnGHqmvimcpzKRDKSXuGM7yKXYPE73ncdiu51ukfYhggqK0ZI zEhObBvioK/dropdowns.png?AWSAccessKeyId=1C9REJR1EMRZ83Q7QRG2&Expires=1284829660&Signature=OtdU1U8WYlj%2B3wujSlHhSKM%2F8Hg%3D