View Full Version : optimal storage config for new computer

06-03-2010, 01:27 AM
I am buying a new machine and have tried to read all the threads here but still have some questions.

Am I better off with one 80GB Intel SSD or two 40GB Intel SSDs? I will also have a 500GB regular drive for storage/backup.

I gather that the Intel 80GB is significantly faster than the 40GB one, and that for SSD drives it's not so important to run postgre on a separate drive, so I may be better off going with one 80GB drive? I'd be better off for overall system performance with the one faster drive but just want to make sure that the separate drive thing isn't a huge deal for postgre.

Are there any other SSDs I should be looking at in this general price range. The Kingston ones are really cheap per GB but I gather performance is crappy? I don't want to spend too much more right now because I can always upgrade in a year or two when prices are more reasonable.