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05-18-2010, 12:36 PM
So I sent these two emails on Sunday and have not had a reply from support:

My holdem manager seems to have randomly unregistered itself on my computer. I need my registration number but HEM has been working fine for so long I cant remember the email address I used to register with. It will be one of:
Can you please send my serial number to whichever email account I used initially?
Many thanks,


After tinkering about a little from my last email, the licencing issues window has popped up. Unfortunately the holdemmanager.net/registration window does not work. I have followed all the other steps and still can't get it to work. The strange thing is, I was using HEM literally 1 minute before this happened and all was fine. I closed HEM and reopened it (something I have to do to get the HUD to work properly in rush) and now I have this problem.

My serial number is xxx

I have also attached my reg.log file.

I really hope you can resolve this asap as I really would like to play a session tonight and you can understand that HEM not working is costing me money.

Thanks again,


Since sending these emails I have followed all the steps from the registration sticky in this forum, as well as trying to reset my serial number with no luck. The serial number doesnt change.

I am getting seriously frustrated with this and the lack of a reply from support in three days.

05-18-2010, 04:44 PM
I answered a ton of emails today and there was none left unanswered in the ticket system, there might be a problem with your email, please email me paul.morny@gmail.com and cc support@holdmemanager.com with your email address and ill see what happened, sorry for the inconvenience