View Full Version : Reinstall Password Hassles - SOLVED

05-07-2010, 09:25 PM
I tried to move SQL and HEM to a new SSD drive, when it didn't work, I decided to export all the hands, reinstall SQL and HEM on the fast SSD, and then reimport all the hands. A fresh start.

I ran into an issue where HEM could not connect to SQL, something about a password issue. Here's my solution, in case anyone else needs this.

Turns out SQL does not completely remove itself. It leaves a system account "postgres." If you're changing your password with the new install, this old account can create a problem.

To see if you have this account... Start -> Run -> Cmd
Net User postgres

To delete this account
Net User postgres /delete

With this account deleted, the fresh install of SQL went thru without a hitch. Hope that helps.