View Full Version : How to recover hands with import errors

05-04-2010, 09:48 AM
I just upgraded to 1.10.06a. Over the past couple of weeks, 10% of more of my hands had update errors (Stars), and I believe this was fixed in the latest version. How do I go back and recover my lost hands?

05-04-2010, 11:51 AM
To get all your missed hands imported

1) Right-Click your Desktop > New > Folder.
2) Go to your \HMArchive folder - To verify the path, go to Options > Configure Auto Import Folders > Edit > Archive Folder: _________.
3) Open that folder and copy the hands (folders of hands) you think it has missed. The archive should be organized by \Month\DayOfMonth (example: D:\HMArchive\2009\07\31). Also get any hand files that are in your \poker site\hand history folder.
4) Paste them into your new desktop folder > HM > Import From Folder.