View Full Version : Hud working for Tourney not Cash

Bonnie Blair
04-20-2010, 10:36 AM
My hud wont pop up at my cash game table, but is having no issues at my tourney table i have re started my comp, turned hud on and off... disconnected SQL and reconnected it...nothing works on pokerstars...

04-20-2010, 12:02 PM
Please try this:

Here's an "unofficial" build that has lots of updates along with fixes for many problems associated with the recent Stars and Tilt updates. There's a ton of other fixes too including iPoker shallow tables. We're looking to have an official build early next week but wanted to release this build early for those of you that want to use the latest version of Holdem Manager.

If you have problems with this build, please update to the latest official build below and that should solve any new problem you experience with this pre-release. http://www.holdemmanager.com/downloads/HmBetaUpdate.exe