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02-17-2010, 05:13 PM

I have a problem with my import. If I am on a table and click the auto import manager finds the table but not the people on it. I have files of 5 tournies in my hh folders that are waiting to be imported but it doesn't import. I tried to import file, import file from folder and auto import. Manager finds the files, makes them ready to import but the import progress doesn't start to run?? Maybe one of you guy's can help me. I uninstalled my firewall and reinstalled manager 3 or 4 times but nothing seems to work. I had a teamview session with Morny and we both couldn't figure it out.

Hope someone has already experienced this and can help.


02-18-2010, 07:05 AM
From your explanation it sounds like the standard configuration problem but if Morny already made a teamviewer session this should all be fine.

I suggest you continue with the support email conversation. There is nothing more we can do for you in the forum.