View Full Version : I'm not too computer savvy - does this involve many changes?

02-13-2010, 07:38 PM
Hi - I recently purchased this program even though I've only been using a computer for a few years & started with it only because I moved to a state where there is no "live" poker.

I realized before long that many of the players at the site I've been playing at lately (PokerStars) use these type of programs & I didn't want to be left behind...so I got Hold-em Manager after doing the free trial.

Since I did get it...I have been 2-tabling 6-max .50-$1.00 NLHE exclusively....which I figured would an easy way to start out with this program.

Now I'm thinking about switching over to playing some 6-max Limit Hold-em at approximately $3-$6 stakes (and still playing this at the same site....PokerStars).

Can I just start playing this game and the program will automatically realize what I'm doing & make the appropriate things happen in the database to keep things straight....whatever that may entail?

Or do I have to manually go in there and change some things around....& if I do...what changes do I need to make? I was hoping I could just click on the auto-import button & start playing the different game & the program would know what to do.

But I realize that most computer programs today....even with how advanced technology has become...still need folks (even those without much computer savvy like myself)...to go in and make some changes from time to time.....although I'm still hoping that it won't be the case here.

OK - Sorry this question became a little long-winded...but I wanted to try & fully explain the situation.

I would appreciate any help, comments, suggestions, etc. that you folks would send along. THANKS

02-13-2010, 10:47 PM
In HUD OPTIONS--> Addidional HUD Filters--> make sure it doesn't include hands from other limits.

This way HoldemManager will filter between FL600 and NL100 hands.
So just start playing at the other limit. Everything will work exactly the same as before.

The only suggested change you can make is changing the HUD settings.
I'm no Limit specialist, but since you'll see a lot more showdowns on the river, there are other stats that you should consider to put into your HUD, you probably don't have in your current HUD.