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01-09-2010, 01:42 PM
There seems to be a problem with importing Merge network hands -- at least from RPM Poker (I assume they are all the same, though?). When my opponent mucks his cards, they don't get imported. For example:

<game id="22431025-41" starttime="20100109002436" numholecards="2" gametype="2" realmoney="true" data="20100108|Everglades (Heads Up) (22431025)|22431025|22431025-41|false">
<players dealer="1">
<player seat="1" nickname="X" balance="$201.00" dealtin="true" />
<player seat="0" nickname="Y" balance="$394.80" dealtin="true" />
<round id="BLINDS" sequence="1">
<event sequence="1" type="SMALL_BLIND" timestamp="1263014811906" player="1" amount="1.00"/>
<event sequence="2" type="BIG_BLIND" timestamp="1263014812171" player="0" amount="2.00"/>
<round id="PREFLOP" sequence="2">
<event sequence="3" type="RAISE" timestamp="1263014815187" player="1" amount="5.00"/>
<event sequence="4" type="CALL" timestamp="1263014816765" player="0" amount="4.00"/>
<cards type="HOLE" cards="5s,Ad" player="1" hand="Ace High"/>
<round id="POSTFLOP" sequence="3">
<event sequence="5" type="CHECK" timestamp="1263014819218" player="0"/>
<event sequence="6" type="BET" timestamp="1263014822921" player="1" amount="9.00"/>
<event sequence="7" type="RAISE" timestamp="1263014827296" player="0" amount="29.00"/>
<event sequence="8" type="CALL" timestamp="1263014833812" player="1" amount="20.00"/>
<cards type="COMMUNITY" cards="Kd,7c,2h" hand="Ace High"/>
<round id="POSTTURN" sequence="4">
<event sequence="9" type="CHECK" timestamp="1263014841937" player="0"/>
<event sequence="10" type="CHECK" timestamp="1263014846375" player="1"/>
<cards type="COMMUNITY" cards="Kd,7c,2h,As" hand="Pair of Aces"/>
<round id="POSTRIVER" sequence="5">
<event sequence="11" type="CHECK" timestamp="1263014851468" player="0"/>
<event sequence="12" type="BET" timestamp="1263014869140" player="1" amount="24.00"/>
<event sequence="13" type="CALL" timestamp="1263014871312" player="0" amount="24.00"/>
<cards type="COMMUNITY" cards="Kd,7c,2h,As,9c" hand="Pair of Aces"/>
<round id="SHOWDOWN" sequence="6">
<event sequence="14" type="SHOW" timestamp="1263014871500" player="1"/>
<event sequence="15" type="MUCK" timestamp="1263014871843" player="0"/>
<cards type="COMMUNITY" cards="Kd,7c,2h,As,9c" hand="Pair of Aces"/>
<cards type="SHOWN" cards="5s,Ad" player="1"/>
<cards type="MUCKED" cards="8s,Ks" player="0"/>
<round id="END_OF_GAME" sequence="7">
<winner amount="117.00" uncalled="false" potnumber="1" player="1" hand="Pair of Aces" pottype="n"/>

<cards type="MUCKED" cards="8s,Ks" player="0"/> is not getting imported (i.e. when type="MUCKED").

01-09-2010, 10:08 PM
Please zip and email the problem hand histories, with a link to this thread, to support@holdemmanager.net

01-11-2010, 08:10 AM
This was fixed quite a few betas back. Do you have the latest version?

01-11-2010, 01:59 PM
Yeah, sorry, I thought I had beta 6, but when I double checked I only had 3! Sorry about that... everything seems to work now.