View Full Version : 1.10 Beta 6 still Graph problems

12-30-2009, 03:20 PM
Graph not working (Blank screen, no X nor Y axis, only a Square box) on 1.10 Beta 6 when aplying a date filter.
In reports, by stakes or overall, it counts 3823 hands, but in graphed hands, it counts 15126 hands and besides it, it doesn't show any graph.

I've tried with an alias and a player name, and neither shows graph with filter, but if I ask for all hands, it shows graph with alias, but it doesn't for player name. It's weird because if there is a problem with a hand for that player, the same should occur when graphing with an alias which includes that player name.


Sorry for the inconvenience, it wasn't a bug, I worked harder on this supposed "bug" to finally discover that the cause was having a zoom applied to the graph, so when applying the filter you only see that blank square box.

Perhaps would be a good idea to unzoom graph to default scale when applying any filter. Anyway, that doesn't explain why graphed hands table counted so many hands.