View Full Version : errors importing iPoker hands...known issue?

12-18-2009, 02:27 PM
Very strange problem i noticed: played a session of about 150 hands today; I had the auto-import on, and kept refreshing it, but only about half of the hands seemed to be getting imported. After my session was over, I stopped the auto-import, and instead tried the "import from folder" option, and sure enough, it gave me the following result (paraphrasing): 70 hands were duplicates (those were the ones that got properly imported during the auto-import process), and 74 hands generated import errors (and hence were not imported).

I wasn't doing anythign out of the ordinary. How do I trouble shoot this? Is there an error log file I have to send to someone?

12-18-2009, 06:17 PM
Please update to the latest beta - http://www.holdemmanager.net/hmbetaupdate

If it continues in beta 4, please answer these questions, so we have a better idea of your sytem particulars - http://www.holdemmanager.net/faq/afmviewfaq.aspx?faqid=174

12-18-2009, 08:42 PM
Yes, I updated and tried importing those files again and it gave me the same 74 import errors. It's not my HUD that doesn't work...it's that those HHs weren't getting imported at all. But I'll answer your Q's anyway.

1) What version of Holdem Manager are you using eg 1.06.04 Beta 12?

1.10 beta 4

2) What Poker Site are you playing on and which gametype and does the problem occur on more than 1 site?

ipoker PLO either 10/20 or 25/50, not sure which the offending hands are...and i've only noticed it on ipoker PLO so far

2a) Have you clicked the Start Auto Import Button?


3) Have you the settings exactly as per the FAQ for your site?

Yes...every other import of iPoker HHs has worked fine...just these 74 hands give me errors and i hope it's not a harbinger of more errors like these so i thought i'd bring it to your attn now

4) Can you see the Hand History files showing up in the correct Folder on your PC, this folder should be indentical to the path location you set in Options > Configure Auto Import Folder in HM? If so please copy and paste the location as shown in the FAQ?

Yes, they are def in files in the folder from which the auto-import is running. I even stoped the auto-import and used the "Import from folder" function, but it still gave me the errors.

5) Are the hands being imported into Holdem Manager?

No, tha'ts the problem

5a) Do they import if you create a new database?

Haven't tried yet

6) Have You Tried the Table Finder and did it work?


7) If you open the HH are they written in English?

hard to tell b/c iPoker hands get written in .xml format which just looks like tech garbage to me

8) If your using Vista have you UAC disabled?

n/a using XP

9) Have you attached the holdemmanager.config file?

no, would you like me to? Where do I email it?

12-18-2009, 10:45 PM
You can hold off on addressing this issue...i tried importing the HHs into a dif DB and they imported fine. Gonna keep troubleshooting but post again if I run into the problem again. For now, assume all is well, thx.