View Full Version : 1.10 beta 4, leakbuster quick impression

12-16-2009, 06:40 PM
step two

the problem i had with the former import butt now query database and the middle button and the leak history are now in a line , when before in beta 3.b the button in the middle was below the other two buttons.

is that middle button suppose to do something ?I click on it expecting a list of all possible videos or something like that and it doens't do anything, but then it didnt' do anything in beta 10.3b for me either.

step 3.
the problem i had previous with not being to size this page has been fixed, and i can do position by between .
i don't know if i could of did it in the previous beta as i just learned in the workshop how to do day by day leakbuster look.

step four
it would be nice if there was more here then just the video.

perhaps you can add in a next video, leakbuster looks at your top ten personal trouble hand with bbs lost more then 15 on average or something.

step five

the same here, it would be nice to see more then just a 3 bet here ,
perhaps 3 bet stats simple advice in more depth like the advice in the position 2., and a look at important stats in the right hand side, like the filters step 6 page.

step six
perhaps you can move the filters that deal with 3 bets into the 3 bet page, so you will have something to look at as you watch the three bet video,and give more videos.

step 7.
the feature discussed in the leakshop (the last one) should be about 2 more beta perhaps ?

as i looked through it and the filters again..

did you guys give any thought to breaking up the 42 step six into the various steps you have.

make step 4, the troulble preflop hands, the filters like top pair here, with a little program that picks out the trouble hands with average loss of 30 bbs

make step 5 the flop filter with all the flop videos from the 42 filters in here.

make step six the post flop filter with the turn and the river filters here.

make step 7 the 3 bet filter with the stats part you got from the 42 filters.
and put the big 3 bet video here, the hour one.

your biggest losses should then dealt with the preflop trouble hands, and the flop , and the post flop steps i propose.

but still you could make a putting it all together for biggest loss filter as step 8 for anything you might of missed doing it that way.

then you make your hud filter step nine.

what happend to the small pot, big pot small bet , big video i saw in the pictures. i don't have it in my leaks filter and the button in the middle does nothing for me.
was it removed ?