View Full Version : Module for playing out of position from trial, out of date?

12-07-2009, 07:21 PM
as I read the module for the trial verison i said to myself this isn't bad..
then I saw the date 2006 poker zion publications.
that immediately has me disappointed for I figured that we were getting all up to date recent material for the leakbuster.
I am hoping the real version that I will pay money for would have a 2009 revised version ?.

my point is there has been a lot of strides in poker knowledge passed on to the poker pool, so poker games are harder, and the fish is getting hard to find, at least so you have lots of fisherman trying to hook the same fish.
so this article could be updated to reflect the increase in fisherman.

Leak Buster Support
12-08-2009, 12:33 AM
This is a good point, and it was updated. It should say 2006-2009. All modules have had revisions over time, and everything in Leak Buster has been updated.

And since you made the point, aspects of the games have changed, and we've tried to update everything as needed to reflect that. For example, the bet sizing has changed. Larger bets, and pre-flop raises were needed 3-4 years ago, that aren't needed anymore. People's ranges have widened in that time as well.

Thanks for pointing this out, but we do stay on top of the material and make sure it's relevant.