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12-02-2009, 11:20 AM
when setting up the HUD with your required stats where do the % come from?? im finding it hard to work out if its a % everyone uses or just made up?? like does the % change from lower stakes to higher and more experienced better players?? i have my HUD showing the stats i require just wanna know if my % are correct or to high to low etc??

also one other thing is i have saved my player pref as MTT as thats all i play how do you lock it so it saves to that instaed of going back to default everytime u log in?? also the same with the HUD pop up config keeps going back to default c bet why>?

also when you launch table manager and it displays the table id number when you right click that another box comes up with default and MTT with choices of seats and a few arrows what is thia i always set it to MTT 9 player when i play?? am i right in doing this and what is it for??

many thanks learning more and more everyday with free trial

12-02-2009, 12:57 PM
If you've played 100 hands, and one of your opponents has played 20/100 hands his VPIP will be 20.

If you already had hands from that opponent in your database (from previous sessions/datamining), his VPIP will be based on ALL hands.

If that opponent normally is a NL400 player, and is playing NL50 now, so you don't think his previous stats are accurate, go to HUD OPTION--> HUD FILTERS--> and make sure "include hands from OTHER limits" is NOT selected.


When you change the HUD layout, click APPLY first and than OK.
That should save your settings.

You don't have to rightclick every table in the Table Manager, if your seating preferences / additional HUD filters are set up properly, it'll use those settings.