View Full Version : Where are HH Files saved you produced import errors?

11-29-2009, 07:14 PM

I used an old version of HM when i tried to importe HHs from Euro Tables from Pokerstars and now the HH Files arent in the Pokerstars HandHistory path nor are they in the "Archive Folder" i chose in HM, so where are my Handhistory Files? :D

11-29-2009, 10:35 PM
They should be moved to the archive you setup in the config. Did you ever have a different archive setup?

Your \HMArchive is likely not in your \Holdem Manager directory. We normally suggest you use C:\HMArchive, but you may have put it anywhere.

To verify the location: Options > Configure Auto Import Folders > Edit > Archive Folder: ___________________


If you play a site like stars/ftp you can email their support and ask for all your old hand histories and tourney summaries.