View Full Version : Upgrading to the Professional Version of HEM

11-25-2009, 10:48 PM
So I bought the small stakes version of HEM sometime earlier this year, and now I have the BR to take a shot at 100nl, so I'd like to purchase the professional version.

Problem is, I don't have a credit card. I even tried making a paypal account and shipping money to a friend on FTP in exchange for funds on paypal to pay, but since I can't link a bank or credit account to it, I can't actually use the money that's on my paypal account (it's still sitting there, lol)

I'm more than happy to take the $30 out of my FTP account and give it to you guys, but I'm a broke college student so buying a gift card to spend online would have to wait and I don't want to have to withdraw from FTP just for this transaction.

Is there any quick way I can pay this fee? Take my money ;)

Thanks in advance,


11-26-2009, 12:08 AM
In regards to poker site transfers, we would love to be able to accept them, but the pokersites have a policy against this as they don't want to act as a bank for any third parties and holdem manager must follow that policy. Unfortunately we won't be able to reinstate the option of paying for HEM via a pokersite transfer. We are working hard on a number of HEM projects and know that having the "site transfer" option on the pay page is outdated and plan on updating it as soon as we can work through a number of other programming related projects we have on our punchlist.

We do try to give you as many options as possible to pay for HEM, the free options involve setting up an account using a HEM bonus code. Details can be found here http://holdemmanager.net/GetitFree.aspx

Pay options can be found here http://holdemmanager.net/Offering.aspx?ID=1