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10-01-2009, 07:55 AM
Hi after seeing all the arguments going on in some of the other threads on whether leak buster is any good or not i thought id give my opinion on the matter.


I have been playing poker on and off for the past 3 years playing seriously for about a year and a half now. When i started playing seriously i joined several poker sites including lego poker and pokerzion, watching the videos etc. on these sites helped me alot and turned me from a loosing player at SnG's and cash game into a breakeven to small profit cash game player. About 4 months ago i noticed an advert to leakbuster on PZ so thought id give it ago.


The first stage of the leakbuster package where you review your stats against the suggested ranges highlighted two major things, firstly i was raising far too much in the SB and also i was cbetting far to often (around 90%!) and double barelling too much.

This first stage rather than being the best bit of leakbuster (also the bit everyone is slating for not being dynamic) i used as a guide to point me to areas that i might have issues with.

the second part was reviewing my handhistory, using the guidance and custom filters provided by leakbuster i went straight into tackle the points that the stats had raised. Reviewing the hands i was playing from the small blind showd that by playing these weak holdings sometimes against multiple opponents OOP was losing me quite alot of money. Luckily this fix was pretty simple by refering to the hand charts (this was a good starting point, as i have got better and understand the table dynamic better i have been able to deviate from this guide when the situation is suitable)

I then used a similar process to work through the other leaks that the stats had highlighted to see if they were indeed leaks (which they both were). After that i used the guidance given by leakbuster on how to review my database, this highlighted two very large leaks overplaying my mid pairs (77,88,99,TT,JJ) which had lost me ALOT of money and playing too many draws OOP which also had the same effect.

The upshot of this process and ironing out a few of my major leaks has been to turn me from a breakeven player to a winning player! I made $400 in 10K hands at 25NL this month (including rakeback) which is pretty good going considering i was losing or only breaking even a few months ago. Check me out on pokertableratings if you wish.


Personally i think some of the people who are slating this excellent bit of software are completly missing the point, its not a magic bullet that will turn you into the next Durrr or Phil Ivey, but a logical method to allow you to review your database and analyse your game to try and find out what your doing well and what your doing badly. The stats are only a small part that might help target your analysis the real benefit i feel is the methods, guidance and filters that allow you to periodically analyse your game and also spur you on to develop your own filters for even more depth analysis.

This in combination with posting the hand histories you find in the analysis on any relevant forum or training site really help your game along!!!

If your willing to put in the effort i feel this is an incredibly valuable product which will easily pay for itself, especially for the small and mid stakes players. The higher stakes players might have already developed processes similar to this to get where they are now, but even they might learn something new.

look forward to hearing your comments


Leak Buster Support
10-02-2009, 04:32 AM
Nice to see someone from PokerZion on here, and to take the time to post a review... appreciated. Makes me want to post e-mails we get from people.

I don't think people necessarily understand how quick and effective Leak Buster can be, and that if you do spend some time with it, it pays for itself really quickly. Even for a small stakes player. It will take some work, but I think it's more effective than trying to randomly watch videos on training sites (not that I don't think there's some great content out there), it's just training sites don't have a lot of direction necessarily that's tailored to someone's individual areas they need work on.

Good to hear more success stories though.