View Full Version : my version of Al1 layout(advanced) :)

09-23-2009, 04:53 PM
I have developed a little the Al1 layout. So that I can see the most important stats. I think somebody would need that, especially those who have big hands amount on their opponents.

Unfortunately it is non that nice designed as the original and I would appreciate if somebody makes a nice design out of it. Anyways the sence is as following.

On the upper string You could see the EP VPIP , Steal and 3bets from (Sb and BB), the rest is like original

then I have the action on flop
(cbet- fold cbet|raise cbet-fold to Rcbet) vs missed fl, (3bet-fold3bet)Raise3bcb
than the same on turn and 4bet range- fold4bet) Sq
than the same stats on river

if somebody like it I appreciate as well as modifications or comments