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09-13-2009, 02:28 AM
When I look at my LeakBuster profile I see that I get a 1 for W$SD% because the percentage is too low.

I'm quite happy to accept this as fair comment but I'd like to ask if this stat filters all the times that I see a showdown and win or lose for a really trivial amount...let's just say, for instance, when the flop is checked down to the river and it's just a 3 big blind pot...and there's no real betting.

There must be a world of difference between a large complex hand/pot that may or may not be folded prior to the Showdown and a checked down small one.

This then balances the W$SD% stat more reasonably with the River Aggression stat.

Now I know that I might be able to get the villains folding out or calling worse if I bet on the river but again for a trivial pot I don't want to play for the benefit of the stats rather than the dollars...which I guess can be a problem if you become to obsessed with the numbers.

Does the W$WSF stat offer something any better? and I'd be interested to see how all of these stats inter-relate.

Another one that comes to mind is the need to increase my PFR number but balance it with the appropriate VPIP/PFR %. They're clearly linked.

I'd be interested in your thoughts.

Leak Buster Support
09-13-2009, 06:20 AM
When your W$SD is getting a 1, then the kinds of hands you're taking to showdown should have just been folded earlier, and you can definitely consider this a significant leak. Everyone has hands that are small pots that get checked down, so the ratio that occurs at evens out with decent sample sizes.

If you are going to showdown too often, and checking down hands a lot in these spots, then yes, your river agg is going to be low. But you solve this by playing better hands, and making creating plans for your hands early, and make sure that you are folding your weak/ marginal hands out of position, and you're making good decisions about what you'll be investing in position.

W$WSF is an indicator about whether you're mixing in a good amount of bluffs, and aggression so that you're winning without going to showdown. The weaker your games are generally, the lower this number may get. Better players will know when to fold, and when it's prudent to invest money in a hand or not, so there will be less showdowns generally speaking.

VPIP/PFR ratio gives you an idea if you're limping into pots too much, or not enough. A good ratio here, and not one that's skewed too far out of recommended ranges either way is a good first step in ensuring profitability at the poker table. If this is low for you, then you should be coming in more for a raise or folding pre-flop.

09-13-2009, 09:50 AM
I've checked all my 110k hands and I don't have any group of 20k that hits 50% W$SD.

My challenge is to try to fix this leak without it impinging on the general play of hands otherwise I'll fix this leak by creating another one.

I guess you've heard that one before!

Thanks for the advice.

Leak Buster Support
09-13-2009, 03:13 PM
so I'd advise spending some time with the turn filter. My guess is that your turn filters are going to show some significant losses, so use Leak Buster as a way to sort through those hands and review them. Spend some time finding folds earlier (especially like I mentioned in narrow spots out of position). You don't want to force your game to meet a particular stat, but use Leak Buster as a way to analyze and refine your game.