View Full Version : what stats cant miss?

09-03-2009, 12:52 AM
i am here in HUD options, in player preferences...

im considering to use

c-bet %
c-bet fold %
number of hands

what else do u think i can miss to beat microstakes in PS, and why do you think this stat is so important to beat microlimits in PS?

09-03-2009, 09:21 AM
i never played micros, i came from FL and playing NL50 now.

but i would like to add FoldBBtoSteal and FoldSBtoSteal. a steal is always 1.5 bigblinds, no matter what limit, isnt it? and i like to know, how lite i may steal against this villain.

furthermore i am convinced that AF-Postflop and WTS are important. a lot of postflop strategies refer to tightness and aggression of villain in a certain situation. in order to learn postflop-game its shlould help to use these 2 stats even on the micros.

i am not sure if helpful on the micros:

Foldto3Bet - shows you how lite you may 3Bet, some guys fold definatley too much

FoldToCB Turn - just if you consider to 2nd barrel a lot

PS: regarding the PFR, i guess you are using the pop up to look at the positional stats, also the openraise-stat. and if villain is positional aware at all. the pfr alone is a weak indicator.