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08-17-2009, 03:16 PM

A few days ago I downloaded the trial version of HM and it looks promising. I am gonna buy the full version if I can get help with this problem:

First of all I am playing on a microgaming site. Everything works fine on CG, both the hud and statistics "inside" the program. However it works very poor so far when it comes to SNG.
The tables I am playing are shown in the Table manager and the program imports every hand I play. However the table manager does not start counting hands like in CG, it is always on zero. I can not get up any hud at all on my sng table, can you help me out?

A second problem comes when I am gonna look at my results for sng. It always say that I win 0$ regardless of on which place I finnish. If I play one sng at a time my finnish position is correct but when I just played 2 sng at the same time HM counted it as only one sng, why?

I hope you can help me out
Best regards / Beerbaron

Mike chops
08-17-2009, 07:43 PM
There's a problem with micro-gaming SNGs. The tables don't have any identifying name so it is tough to match up the hud stats with the correct hands. You can do this manually by using the table finder (Table manager->Tables) Drag the red icon over to the table after a hand has been imported.

08-18-2009, 03:19 PM
When I do what you say it works sometimes and sometimes not. It does not look promising at all but I think I can be okey with no hud-stats on sng. What I can not be okey with is to not have the statistics working "inside" the program. You did not answer my second question so I reformulate that question.

Why does the program always say that I win 0$ regardless of my real finnish position? Can you help med fix this? The same problem goes for "$EV Won" and "Speed".

An even bigger problem is the following:
When I play more than 1 sng it seems like the program counts all the sng:s as the same one. This gives me the problem that when I look in the "Data View" it looks like I have only played 1 sng instead of many. When I look at "Stats" I do not even see this sng in the stats (none of which I have played). Can you help me out or is HM not simply work at all for sng on microgaming?