View Full Version : professional 1.09 beta 24 failed to create table overlay

08-14-2009, 11:35 PM
I just upgraded my holdemanager to 1.09 beta 24 and the Hud is showing the falied to create overlay popup. I have right clicked on the hmhud.exe file and set it up as run as administrator. What is my next step to making it work properly? Thanks

08-15-2009, 12:04 AM
95% of the time this is because UAC is still on, or was turned on by a Auto Windows Update.

If you have Vista, please verify that UAC is still off. If it is on, please turn it off and reboot. http://www.holdemmanager.net/faq/afmmain.aspx?faqid=73

08-15-2009, 12:33 AM
I do have vista. I have turned off UAC. Now the failed to create overlay popup is not showing up but the stats are not being shown on the tables on Full Tilt.

08-15-2009, 05:23 AM
Please give us some more details about your system, answer and post these questions: http://www.holdemmanager.net/faq/afmviewfaq.aspx?faqid=174